Callsign , Tail Number , and Flight Number gets capatilized

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When I type in a Callsign, Tail Number, or Flight Number, everything gets capitalized and “pushed” together. For example, if I type in SkyWest, it changes to SKYWEST. In some cases, when capitalized, it will spell out the word, like S-K-Y-W-E-S-T.

This happens normally when the game is started and I enter it in.

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  1. Restart Flight Simulator
  1. Open “Customization” in the Aircraft Menu
  2. Enter Callsign (i.e. SkyWest)

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Sim Update 6

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@HamMan2118 - I agree with you that these are not the easiest data fields to edit, but the information you enter will be used elsewhere in the sim, so formatting is likely quite important. I would like to see the text as selectable by either double-clicking or click and drag so it is easier to change, but these are relatively minor issues when compared to much more important fixes being focused on at this time.

But, a good idea, so it gets my vote.

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This behaviour has been around since launch. So it doesn’t look like a bug, per se… But more of a bad UI/UX design of the flight customisation menu, in my opinion. In PC, we workaround this by keeping the field empty on the flight customisation menu, but instead, add the callsign to the livery’s Aircraft.cfg file. This way, the sim will always use the callsign from that file, and it can work with lower cases and spaces. And the positive side here as well is that when I switch to different livery of different aircraft, the sim will automatically read a different aircraft.cfg file which will automatically read their respective callsign, without me having to manually change it.

But I understand that Xbox doesn’t have this luxury, so I’m still voting for it, but I disagree that this is a bug, so instead I would vote for a UI/UX redesign wishlist to have this changed to accept lower cases and spaces so Xbox users can enjoy proper callsign as well.

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Just to share a way to type in non-capitalized callsign.

  1. wipe your previous callsign
  2. close the aircraft selection window
  3. re-open the aircraft selection window and go to “customize”
  4. type your callsign with correct upper/lower case

as of SU11 this has steadily allowed me to input non-capitalized callsigns, without the system changing it to all caps automatically.

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