Camera Cabin, Wing Views?

Can somebody explain me how I can switch the camera to the left / right wing views, especially for the a320?

I don’t think there are any default out of the cabin wing views? (Stand to be corrected). But you can set a custom view when you’ve got a camera position you like by pressing Alt+1…2…3 etc.

You can also ‘create’ a wing view by flying the drone inside the plane. They have provided some windows in each jet with window surrounds so it looks like a wing view we were used to in P3D. It is easier to get the positioning right if you slow down the drone movement speed in the camera drop down menu.

I believe I cannot save wing views with the drone mode and load it with the custom cameras… tried it, do someone give an example how to save wing views permanentely and after loading a new flight, wing views are still available?

And for sure, there are other wing view positions for an a320 and a boeing 787…

It’s already one of the pre-set fixed cameras, in showcase. 11 and 12 in the 787, 17 and 16 in the 747. The last two.

Preset wing views are trash if we cant customize them.

I had found it. Press INSERT and then “A” to switch the camera. One of these camera is a wing view (with window border). There are also another nice views. Press INSERT again to switch back to the cockpit.

Yes, but it’s difficult to know how to switch to those preset fixed cameras.
There is no key combination (you cannot define a key combination), as the preset fixed cameras only range from 1-10 to 11 and you have to switch to the previous camera with “A” (next camera) or “SHIFT A”.
You can switch to the preset fixed cameras with INSERT (in German this means “Feste Kamera”) and then switch to the next with “A”. There is NO link to get the wing views, because as I said, only 1-10 are defined with a link, the others can only be selected with “A” or “SHIFT A”.