Camera Smoothing to reduce motion sickness in turbulence

I’m a new VR user, only since the G2 landed a few weeks ago. I’ve always been somewhat sensitive to motion sickness, sometimes even on a 2D screen in certain games, but so far I seem to cope well enough in VR. Low frame rates are an issue, as are cameras that are ‘locked’ to the chassis of the vehicle I’m travelling in, be it a car in a racing sim going over bumps or a plane that is being buffeted around or taxied on rough ground.

With mild turbulence in smaller aircraft, the horizon is bobbing around constantly and my in-game head is not moving relative to the airframe, i.e. it has no inertia as my body is being moved with the aircraft. This motion disagrees with what my brain expects and is already starting to cause some motion sickness. I love the turbulence in MSFS which feels so natural on the whole, but unfortunately it feels worse in VR (for me anyway) due to the outside world josling around so much without any compensation.

This effect applies to 2D simming as well, but especially for VR I would love to see a head inertia or dampening option to allow the view to smooth out the little bumps as our head/eyes/brain naturally do.

In 2D, such a feature might have repercussions for interacting with the cockpit as the cursor ‘wanders’ with the head movement, but in VR the cursor stays put on the 3D surface, which should mean a damped camera has no negative effect on mouse interactions.


That’s a good idea! I totally support that

+1, not everybody have a motion platform

GREAT – It like it has taken the VR guys to bring this up again, and hopefully, as it’s VR related, it will get better traction, that it did prior to VR.

VR seems to have a lot of CLOUT with MS/Asobo … in this case, I say GOOD … cater to the VR guys !!!

The GA planes Bounce around far too much, in even the slightest wind .

Little light Piper Cubs may, but anything as big and heavy as “even” a C172, if FAR more stable in turbulant air, that MSFS depicts.

If Asobo cannot get it right for every aircraft, PLEASE, at least add a “Turbulence EFFECT” slider, so users can adjust it for correct RW simulation, and VR pilots can turn it down even more so they are not throwing up after a 5 minute VR flight .

Maybe even a (default to 1) “Stability” parameter in each plane’s (non DRM hidden) config file … ???

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There is a relatively “easy” solution for this problem: :grin:


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Please vote!
FS2020 is breaking the VR golden rule: don’t move the camera, the user is

How do you do that? The main reason I don’t play MSFS is the absolute lack of turbulences!

MSFS regularly has some turbulence for me, especially in hilly areas when there is moderate wind. Do you use live weather? Where do you fly?

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