Campout by Parallel 42 - A preview


Oh my gosh. Having just came home from a wonderful camping trip with the family in the PNW… I can still smell the camp fire on my “Bigfoot” hoodie… I really really really want this now!


This looks fun for some role playing of the “vacationing from home” variety. And good for atmospheric videos and screenshots.

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I can easily see picking a nice little lake in the mountains, landing the Kodiak…setting up camp, and just letting the sim run idle as the sun sets while I pitter around the house checking back from time to time.

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Sounds good, but not a good move with the current energy prices in Europe. I shut down every game that I don’t actively use to keep the electricity bill down. No idling with the GPU fan in high gear

this is just begging for shared cockpit multiplayer + FPS mode where you can “walk” your pilot avatars outside the plane… would help the social aspect in game…

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That’s exactly how I felt having come back from a camping trip to this addon too!

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In theory, it would help. However realistically, it would disrupt the serenity.

I can imagine that’s pretty special in VR.