Can anyone explain how to fix a Hanger's height

At my Airport (2L0) there are a row of small plane hangers that about 12 feet tall IRL. In the Sim they are like grain silos, must be 20 stories tall.

Can any of you correct this or explain how to correct this myself.
Or do I need to send it as a bug report.

That’s certainly an unusual-looking bunch of hangers.

You will need to replace them yourself with in SDK models.

Create a project. Exclude the existing hangars with a polygon. Add the new hangars from the object list.

I’ve done a guide here - A Written MSFS SDK Scenery Creation Tutorial » Microsoft Flight Simulator but it probably needs a few SU6 tweaks.

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Great …Thank you!
I’ll check it out.

So the ones at the Hotel that have NO Hook on top are called Hangars…Hmm. Good to know, Thanks

I have specifically called this issue out (with images) on this bug forum. This has never been addressed in 14 month’s. I can not for the life of me determine why. I say this because they did a simple hot fix for the same issue with an apartment type about a year ago.