Can I delay the next Update?

When Alpha/Beta testing, I had to perform any updates before I could continue to use the sim. Is that the case for the 27th August update? I’m running a Group Flying Event around that time and would prefer to run the event and update after, in case there are issues or the update takes too long (slow transfer speeds).

Can any of the moderators comment regarding this please?

I’m fairly certain they are only going to set a release date tomorrow, not an actual update. That is how I understood it at least.


Yes they will say WHEN the release is, not releasing it tomorrow. A lot of people have been saying this lol. My guess is either Sept 1 or mid month so it keeps the 1 update a month.

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There will be an update tomorrow

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Every Thursday they make announcements about future plans, they never actually release anything without you knowing exactly what’s coming when, all they said was there will be a date set on the 27th. It’s been the same all through alpha testing, I’ve been testing FS since last February when alpha testing started they are very predictable in the way they do things.

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