Can I refund a airport?

if i bought on the marketplace on MSFS and the addon is causing me to ctd what do i do?

deal with it :slight_smile:


Buy another FS2020​:crazy_face::rofl:

I don’t think the downloadable addon is refundable.

At least I cannot refund anything I purchased from SimMarket.

More info. Which airport?

Have you got rolling cache enabled
If so delete cache it should fix it
I had a simulate problem with LEIB and the developer told me to do that and no more CTD
I’m not saying it’s going to fix your issue but it worth a go

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If you are using the steam version of FS2020, steam will not give refunds on in game purchases. I don’t know what the MS store policy is. About the only thing you can do is uninstall that airport and save the files in another spot and hope some day it is updated to work.