Can I remove Darkstar from Packages files as it does not come up in content manager?

As above, I do not use Darkstar and wondered if it could be removed by Packages files deleting file. Does not come up in content manager.

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I have the Princess Juliana and Grand Case payware airports and was wondering how I can get rid of the 40th Anniversary edition of St Martin as well. I tried a flight resulting in CTD which I wonder if it was because of a conflict or the payware version is still causing problems. Being on Xbox makes accessing files hard, we can’t manage our content manager unfortunately.

Thanks for your input. Darkstar is useless but not on content manager so I cannot remove it except in Packages file but do NOT want to stuff anything up!!

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Could be wrong but isn’t it part of the Maverick package?

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Yes you’re right. For some reason I didn’t have the Maverick stuff installed. It looks to me you can’t pick and choose what you want out of it, so you have to take the lot. I can’t find St Martin nor Kai Tak either, they’re just “there” somewhere, I’m suspecting in the mandatory packages or something.

You can. In content manager you need to click the little menu square button next to the packages (box) icon. Then search for it. ICAO is easiest (TNCM).

Not sure about Darkstar but the same process might list it separately.

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Hah! Found it! I swear I did all that and nothing. Trying out the ICAO instead of the name did the trick for some reason, cheers. I’m hoping it might allow me to actually land without anymore problems. Taking off from Barths is fine until landing at Juliana.

Edit :- Trying similar things (searching Darkstar) out only results in the entire Maverick package showing up, beats me, still doesn’t come up by itself.

Do’h! Worth a try. I might delete the whole lot one day. Never use it!

It should’ve probably been a separate thing like the Pelican.

On top of what’s already said, can you remove aircraft from the menu in general? For example the stock 747, stock A320 and such, I’m noticing my menu is getting cluttered and I’d like to clean it up

Yeah I can’t remove the 40th St Martin. I click on it but doesn’t give me the option to delete.

@Rizla5015 after some playing around, it doesn’t look like you can do anything of the sort.

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That’s a shame, can’t even manually delete aircraft from the package folder? Anyone tried?

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I can’t remember how I got there but I had the liveries show up, I couldn’t even delete any of those either. When you click on your add ons, usually you see a delete, install or uninstall prompts on the bottom right of the screen yeah? Nothing shows up, so I can’t do anything, at least for me on Xbox. Something weird and inconvenient about that. I might even message a community manager about it. It’s like those files are intertwined with the core content and thus can’t be removed or something.

I’m on PC with the same problem, except the files I’m trying to delete relate to the Aviat Pitts Special. Driving me nutz!

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Thanks for comments, maybe moderator may know a thing or two!! Will leave it, don’t want to have to reinstall 200 gigs!!

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You shouldn’t have a problem deleting the Maverick stuff, the Darkstar looks to be tied up with that in the same way as I’m trying to describe. You have to get rid of all in order to get rid of one by the looks.

@YearlingDeer319, being on PC, can you delete any stuff in the core content such as planes, liveries and etc? What about any Asobo Airport’s or anything Asobo in general?

What I usually do with my content manager is that. I select all, and I click delete. This way, the entire content in the sim gets deleted so I can just use the base package without any addons.

Then I slowly going through the contents that I only want installed. It’s better control that way. Saves some storage space and simpler UI anyway.

Thanks for your thoughts. As others have noted in similar topics, selecting the product is fine, but no delete button appears. Everything else deletes just fine.

Deleting it from the Official directory just means it being re-installed during sim start up at the update check stage.