Can not "Save As" Replay in VR

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When in VR I can not use the SAVE AS function of the REPLAY once stopped, it freezes MSFS (Not responding). I have to manually kill the app.
I do get out of VR before using the SAVE AS function, otherwise it crashes the sim instantly. But at the end it makes no difference since I can not save my replay when I fly in VR. I never fly in 2D mode.
Thanks for looking into this and possibly fix!

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

This is similar to bug 193808, where the saving and loading of “flights” also causes a freeze up in VR.
I reckon it will have the same root cause, which is that MSFS is loading up a modal dialog that is inaccessible to the user somehow

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Yes, I get that too. If you try to bring up a windows file explorer window in VR, it will crash the sim instantly.
Like I said before saving the replay, I get out of VR, doesn’t matter it won’t save! :sob:

Little update on this one actually, I think there is a workaround, I just got a reply from support on the related issue that I mention in this ticket and they (incorrectly) suggested I switch to full screen. This prompted me to run up the sim and try a few things.

Paulmaidmentuk Today at 14:22

This makes no difference, the game crashes and becomes unresponsive.
This is a genuine issue that needs to be forwarded to one of your development teams.
Maybe you could try to reproduce the issue using the steps I gave you? You will see that this occurs in full screen and non full screen (and even if this were to be a workaround…it would still be a bug as the game should not hard crash like this ever)

OK, so more accurately, this “crash” is more a case of bad UI.
In Windowed mode, you can actually see a “save” dialog, which you can interact with and cancel, but remember, the user is wearing a VR headset, their perception is that the UI has crashed.

I think you need to notify the user to remove their headset and respond to the save dialog.

In fullscreen, this issue is non recoverable as you cannot access the file dialog, so this effectively crashes MSFS.

So the workaround is

1: Don’t use fullscreen on the desktop when using VR, use windowed mode (I have no idea on whether or not this has a performance consequence, I’d assume not but others might know more?)
2: Remove your headset when you hit save or load, have a look for the load/save dialog, respond to it and then the sim should resume.

But from a product perspective, this is a user experience issue and IMO a definite bug and I am still making the argument that they should fix it (especially as it appears you are SOL if you launch in fullscreen)

I never use full screen mode, always windowed!
Like I said before clicking the SAVE AS button from the replay UI, I deactivate VR, take off my headset and click SAVE AS, it opens up the window file explorer, I choose my destination folder, click save and then it hangs.
I open up a file explorer window go to the destination folder I previously selected, I see there is a file created with 0 kb.
The only thing left to do for me is to kill MSFS process!
This issue has been going on since VR got released, at least bringing up the window file explorer crashing the sim while in VR
I hope that sort of bug will be a thing of the past with 2024 as it seems the dev team has no interest in fixing this on going issue :crossed_fingers: