Can 'official' scenery be disabled?

Recently Asobo released a patch that included a really poor version of Malaga (LEMG) airport. Prior to this, I installed a very good freeware version of that airport.
However, as they’re now both ‘on’, there are issues such as too many airport signs, taxiway markings, tall buildings at the end of a main runway, etc.
Is there a way to disable the ‘official’ patched version, leaving only the freeware version running?
I know there’s a piece of software that enables you to choose which add-on scenery to turn on/off, but what I need is the opposite, i.e. to turn the Asobo version off…
I can’t ask the scenery maker as he’s anonymous, but it’ll also be useful to know in a more generic sense.
Thanks for any help.

fairly sure it’s up to the mod maker to disable ‘standard’ scenery under their mod. So it’s probably best to take this issue up with them.

The added Malaga is not a ‘hand made airport’, it’s been added to the base (AI Generated) scenery (still based on very limited satellite imagery). So the mod creator is your best bet.

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