Can someone explain this? (Blank flight displays)

In the middle of a flight from cvg to las and my cockpit has gone dark for some reason.

Using Xbox series S

A320 NEO

This has been an issue for a few people on XBox on a few threads now. It relates to long flight times say 2+hrs. Just search the forum for ‘black screens’, seems like it’s a bug.

The max flight duration I do rigth now has been 1.5hrs and I haven’t seen this. Just about everyone else seems to get it on 2hr+ flights. Stick to shorter flights until the issue is resolved or try using the 2hr workaround (for CTD’s) and see it it takes care of your screen issue.

"Downloading ~25 GB of content and entering a flight durations of 2+ hours may cause a crash or service disconnection issue
On Xbox: press the Xbox (jewel) button on the console face once, which places the console into connected standby mode. Then, press it again to wake it back up. "
from M/S FS2020 known issues page.

Other thread on this forum is here-


Did a hop from SLC to LAS with no issues. So much for that down under flight from LAX to SYD…

I stopped flying airliners because of this…

Some people save games, reload, and manually load their flight plans in active pause when this happens - I can’t be bothered…

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Is it just the airliners that have the issue or is it all glass cockpit planes?

Please post a picture of your overhead panel after departure. This looks suspiciously like a loss of electrical. If the generators are not on, the batteries will drain.

Will do. It has happened in both an “active” cockpit & “cold” one. That why I thought it was strange… :thinking:

All his lighting is on - this is a known bug - I’ve tried every setting and a reinstall to resolve it - the only solution I could find is bush flying.

Not looking for lighting.

Yes, I understand - I suppose the emergency power could be running but the avionics are dead with gens not on but trust me - this is a bug - the backup attitude indicator is dead too… has happened to me and I did over a dozen flights trying to find settings to keep it from happening with no luck…

I’ve had it happen on taxi, takeoff roll, cruise, tod, approach, and short final - triple checking the overhead and making sure there was no issues with panel brightness.

It’s a bug, and has been covered before. To summarise what works for me, make sure when you’re playing MSFS that you restart the game every time you play. Xbox will usually have a quick resume function for their games to save loading time between sessions, so avoid this every time you finish playing, go to your home screen and press the start or select button for more options and quit the game before switching your xbox off. That way when you play the next time you will be opening the game fresh. Another point is you can try saving flight every 20mins or so for longer flights, just call it “quicksave” and each save will then overwrite the last save. Then if it bugs out, you just restart the game completely and reload, and use the active pause button to fix your autopilot, just make sure to engage autopilot and autothrusts and move throttle to correct position as I have found in some aircraft that autosave doesn’t always save throttle position. Another tip, is to turn on rolling cache if you have it turned off or to add a little more space to your rolling cache. I think xbox has a default of 8-12GB of rolling cache space available, I would increase that a little bit as it can slightly increase performance and reduce bugs. I’d say set it to a max of 32GB on xbox, so if you’re flying to and from the same airports, it won’t bug out when loading new scenery. Don’t put it any higher than 32GB, as it’s not worth it, I haven’t found any performance increase personally above 32GB, game also runs well between 16-25GB. Good luck

Anyone notice if the cockpit bug has been fixed as listed previously? Is the “new” update worth downloading on xbox series s? TIA! :grinning:

If you don’t want avionics black outs:

you need to first smear lambs blood on your front door frame. Then for the live sacrifice - you need to use an obsidian blade - if it isn’t obsidian you can throw the whole process out the window…

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sure that this is a bug ? I had the same in a smaller plane and found out that I didnt start the alternator :grin: so after the battery was empty (after ~15min flying) the displays goes black … then I just started the alternator and then I was able to start them again :slight_smile: so in my case not a bug but it was looking like one.

In today’s update they talked about it:
" Avionics turning black during flight – Our QA team has been investigating this issue and we are looking at multiple root causes. We will reach out in the this forum post if we need any further information."


hahahahah good one :’)

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