Can someone please explain how on god's earth you replay your landings?

I’ve tried and failed to do this for weeks using the dev mode thing and I haven’t the patience to figure it out! all I wanna do is watch my landing replays!!! :grin:

thank you!

Sky Dolly » Microsoft Flight Simulator does everything I need for my landing replays. I also use MSFS Landing Inspector » Microsoft Flight Simulator and if you let the replay go from a point a minute or so out from touchdown it can set the plane down with nearly the exact g-force as your original landing. Doing it from closer to touchdown can usually have it land harder, sometimes hard enough to trigger a crash even if you didn’t actually crash on your original landing. But overall a perfect and easy to use tool

Thanks! will it work on the PMDG 737?

don’t know. but it’s free. so try it and find out

Landing Inspector absolutely works for the PMDG737, it’s what CptCanada uses on his streams and I’ve seen it in action on the PMDG737,

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I second Sky Dolly. I’ve been using it quite a bit. It’s easy and gets the job done.

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I use Flight Recorder which is nice and easy to use. It seems clear though that no one is bothering with the in sim thing.

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I do screen recording… then I replay the video… Hahaha. Not the replay you expected, but it’s a useful alternative.

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