Can someone using an xbox controller verify that you are able to change the LT and RT sensitivity?

I am able to change the LS X and LS Y just fine. But LT and RT and all other trigger settings do not save their settings. I change them, press DONE and APPLY AND SAVE. Then immediately reopen the sensitivity settings and the settings are reverted to the default.

Latest version on Steam, no add-ons. Running app as administrator with MSFS folder set as an exception in Windows Virus protection.

I used an X-Box controller when I first got MSFS. I seem to recall that the triggers are on/off switches. I wanted to use RT as brakes. It worked (sort of), as long as I didn’t mind slamming on the brakes with the on/off action. :laughing: Hope that helps…

I would like to know this too. There’s never been an option since release. I find as they are, far too twitchy.