Can someone with a Honeycomb Alpha please do a quick test for me please?

I’ve just received a used Alpha yoke, however none of the switches on the left side of the yoke panel work i.e. ALT BAT BUS1 BUS2 BCN LAND TAXI STROBE.

None are recognized by windows controllers, none are recognized by MSFS. The yoke, the buttons and hat on the yoke, and the start switch on the right side of the panel are recognized.

Can someone test for me that windows see’s your left hand panel switches, the numbers light up when you test them? If yours do then I think I have been sold a dud!

Any help appreciated.

Yes mine all work fine.
Unfortunately the sim doesn’t at the moment!

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All mine are working. As mentioned above for time being, test is not working

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thanks both of you

Did you download the driver as recommended in the manual? Could be part of the problem if not.

Yes, and this added button and switch binds to MSFS, but MSFS nor Windows still does not detect the switches when pressed. The honeycomb software is mainly intended for the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant as the led’s on it don’t work without the software.

So, under options, if you click on “Search by Input” and hit one of those buttons, nothing happens? And if you click “select an input” those button numbers do not show up? Button numbers would be 1-30. Could be that they are bound for two operations? Just searching because under select option, all the buttons on mine show up and under search all the ones I have bound to an operation show up. If yours don’t, then you probably did receive a defective or busted unit.

yes, nothing happens in MSFS when I search by input on the yoke switches. After installing the software, the switches have been automatically bound to MSFS functions like Landing Lights, but pressing the switch does nothing. This, together with Windows not seeing the switches, makes me think I have received a defective unit.

The ebay seller was full of rubbish on contacting him, he sent me a link to update the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant, saying “all the led’s worked” when he sent the unit…■■■ lol…he thinks he sold me a Bravo, just shows he knew nothing about what he sold, which to me says he got the alpha just to sell on, which makes his claim in the ebay ad of “only used a couple of times” utter rubbish as how would he know… the yoke has a wear mark on top of it where I guess a keyboard has been placed multiple times, the mark wouldn’t appear after a couple of uses. Anyway i’m waffling now. I think I’m covered by Ebay. Thanks for your input.