Can’t look around with mouse whilst flying?

Hey folks, I dont know if I have a setting wrong but I cant look around as I use to be able to (holding right click mouse and moving it) whilst having control of the plane with my sidestick.

Whenever I start looking around the input for my sidestick stops.

EDIT: only happening in cockpit view and I’m in legacy look mode.

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@Volczi , @Squibby6134 , this happened to me a long time ago (not during SU5), and the issue for me was that I had enabled Home Cockpit Mode and forgot about it. That prevented me from using freelook. When I turned it off, I was able to use freelook again.
Not sure if this is the case with you, too.

what’s home cockpit?

I can confirm I have home cockpit mode off :frowning:

This is an old screenshot, but it should look about the same. It’s a mode you set that’s supposed to make the front of the cockpit disappear. (It doesn’t work, but the option is there.)

Aww, too bad. That’s what did it for me! :frowning:

Are you able to fly after SU5 with your side stick registering input whilst holding right mouse and looking around at the same time?

Want to know if its a widespread change

I haven’t been in the sim yet. I’m still downloading it! (Also, I don’t have a Sidestick.)

I don’t think it matters, I’m using a CH yoke and rudders

Let me know how it goes for you when its downloaded, would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

You are correct. Multiple people are reporting this bug in multiple threads. That’s too bad this slipped through. Hope it’s not now working as designed and they fix it by tomorrow.

@Volczi , @Squibby6134 , does this look like your issue?

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Thats it! Seems like more people are posting about it now

Alright, cool, I’m gonna move all of your comments into there and close down this thread in a few minutes. I’m going to leave my stuff out of it because in doing further research, it was something totally different.

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