Can trees growth be added via the SDK to blank spots on mountains?

The islands in the Caribbean have spots where no trees show up at all where they should.

I am planning to go through and update them for a freeware release.

Is this possible in the SDK?

What altitude ? Can you show a screen shot ? In the SDK you could claim some area and assign tree density to it… I’ve never tried that, but tree density is in the BGL. So it CAN be changed by a terrain override.

btw check again… update changed (improved) the tree LOD, on distance there are trees again

You can create a generic scenery and apply these edits all across the Caribbean, one of the cool things about the in-world editor is you can load a scenery XML from anywhere and add to it. I have a personal scenery of obstructions and tree/water fixes I make for myself as I fly around and I just keep it all in one scenery BGL


Cool I’ll give it a shot