Can Vive Pro 2 do VR MFS without lighthouse stations & controllers?

as a newbie to all this SteamVR base station stuff…

could a Vive Pro 2 standalone HMD work with flight & car sims without all the base station extras?

i use Thrustmaster Flight Pack HOTAS & Logitech G920 wheel & pedals…

thanks in advance for your advice.

You will need at least one base station.

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would one base station be adequate for seated flight/Motorsport sims & allow full head tracking?

& without controllers?

just using keyboard & mouse with HOTAS…

I believe one base station is enough for headtracking if it is in front of you.
Second base station is needed mostly for controllers when first base station is obstructed by your body.

I play MSFS with Reverb G2 and don’t use controllers (I have them but did not touch them in a while) - game can be started, switched to VR, and controlled (menus and flight controls) with just mouse and keyboard (and optional joysticks/hotas).
I use WMR, but I would expect it should be same with Steam VR (regarding ability to play without controllers).

MSFS does not support controllers currently anyway.

yes, that is true,

but to get into MFS via the Quest 2 - the Q2 controllers are needed to set up to get into a ready state,

therefore my original questions,

maybe an Index user can help here.

Oh, I see. With G2 this is way easier.


could you please advise me for the basic requirements for the Vive Pro 2 as asked in this thread…

btw, I run Strix 2080 Ti OC with 9700K & 64GB RAM,

been using Rift S/ Quest 2 with all the available flight sims,

your considered advice would be most helpful.

& @Nedo68,

could you please help me on these questions?


I am using the Valve Index, similar as I do with Elite Dangerous, I just start SteamVR and the game. Then I put on the Index and don’t even bother with activating the controllers. They just stay off completely.
In MSFS, i activate CTRL-Tab to switch to VR and press Space to center the view. Actually I got used to doing so as soon as I hear the game music starting at the first loading screen after the Logo animations are done.

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thank you for your reply @TheMaegges ,

what would be the minimum Vive Pro 2 hardware configuration - base stations & controllers - to work with seated sims like MFS?

as i am trying to understand this - Vive Pro 2 HMD + 1 Base station would suffice?

would there be any special Base station physical setup requirements?

If you remain seated, one base station should be enough, but if you are playing games, which are played while standing, you should have two base stations. As mentioned before, having just one station will cause tracking dropouts when you move the controller behind your body, so the sight between the base station and controller is obstructed by your body.

The most ideal position would be mounting the first base station in front of you a bit above the height of your head being slightly tilted downwards facing you and the second mounted at the same height but facing your side.

However, also other configurations work, I myself have my two Index positioned in a V-Shape as you would expect from a decent hifi stereo setup, because my room doesn’t allow otherwise and so far I have no issues with that positioning even thoug it isn’t ideal.

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thanks for the good info,

the reason I asked is that the Vive Pro 2 is currently offered for pre-order in Australia - HMD only - would simply not work for my situation,

guess I would be waiting for VP2 full kit solution,

at that point - a Vive Focus 3 - a consumer SteamVR version could be interesting - an HMD that would run all the sims like MFS,

& the Valve Index with accessories is simply not available in Australia,

my basic desire in VR is greater FOV - which the Vive units promise,

have a fully optioned Quest 2 - with wonderful software & controllers - & the standalone wireless experience is best in class,

waiting for Samsung & Apple news…

There is no PC setup that can currently handle Vive Pro 2 and MSFS. Even 3090 is struggling with Reverb G2 without lowering the resolution and Vive Pro 2 has even higher resolution. I guess at least it will be somehow futureproof for when 4090 releases.

This is not entirely true though and G2 is not the best metric to assessing this.

  • I can push about 2200x2400 pixels per eye at 18.5fps with the Index and FS2020.
  • I can push something about 2800x3100 pixels per eye at 22.5fps with the Index and XP11.

All this with a 2070S and a 9700K… Here is with a 3090:

How bout that new Vive Pro 2 - #4 by cymantix
Reverb G2 vs Index and the frustrating state of VR simming - #28 by cymantix

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This is coming up soon!

The Valve Index Will Be Available In Australia From August

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