Can we have an option to go back to before the "CPU tweaking" you did?

Maybe some option or profile in the options. those stutters when terrain loading are simply horrible ! Before the last patch it was much better.

It is almost a week since released and almost a week i spend searching a solution for this instead of flying.


It happened the same in my case. Stutters are so horrible, I stopped playing as much. At first I thought maybe my disk is full (SSD get slow when they re full). But I have 60gb of free space. Nothing else changed on my computer. The new patch introduced massive stutters anywhere I fly. I lowered most traffic options, lowered textures, turned off seeing other players online, and fly only with clear skies. Nothing helped, I get stutters to a point it is unplayable. Before I was getting stable 27 fps with higher settings than now.
It is the patch, I am pretty confident.


It must be. It happens at low alt especially. Nothing is maxed out. I thought its my not so fast internet but even with rolling cache or manual cache its there. I think some objects are not optimized. Maybe those new power poles.

Please report your findings to the Zendesk (as I have), and give them a copy of your dxdiag report so they understand your hardware . It’s the best way to get these things fixed. Just because they’re discussed here, doesn’t guarantee that the dev team hears about it with sufficient emphasis.

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Besides the stutters I figured I now often get “Limited By Main Thread” in the FPS window even though my CPU (Xeon E3-1231v3) sits at around 50 - 70%. And yes I checked - none of the cores is at 100%, 80% max.

Note that even though no core is constantly at 100%, you can still be limited by single-thread performance.

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Yes, sure. But before the patch I had higher CPU usage and got limited by GPU. May still be something in my side, though.

Yes pre patch was good.