Can we have the "+" and "-" buttons back for time selection?

It is now very difficult to select a precise time using the mouse.

The buttons were a nice quality-of-life feature, not sure why they were just silently removed.


So true. This is absolutely one of my biggest pet peeves. Especially difficult in VR.

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Hi @pilotjj1!
There is a category in the forums for requesting features. The #self-service:wishlist can be used for community voting of adding, changing or removing of features.

Before posting, search in that category to see if anyone has previously posted as we only want one topic per wish.

TOTALLY agree! If restoring the previous function isn’t feasible for some ungodly reason, at least make it adjustable with the scroll wheel.

( + or - ) keys, here it used to be the (< and >) keys, I dont use it anymore, but I would look in the keybinding for a command like speedup or something along those lines. Its probably still there and just became unbound (or binds changed) during one of the updates.

Here is the Wishlist topic to get them back:


Arguably we shouldn’t require the need to Vote for Asobo to wake up and fix this regression in the UI design, it should be blatantly obvious and clear to them when they use their own UI that this is indeed backwards compared to what it was and that it needs to be returned.

This whole “vote for change” just to get regressions fixed it’s incredibly backwards itself, it yet again points to a major lack of Quality Control in the development department.

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I would very much like to see an assignable button to be used to reset time to normal.

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