Put back the minutes in weather time

I like to take screenshots. Also sunset screenshots. To do that, you need accurate time setting ! In a few minutes… sunset ends. That used to be easy, before SU5…


Now, the time slider was made much smaller… and the minute up/down button has been removed. Can we have that little minute up/down back please ? (that’s my wish)

I tried to find workarounds, there are a few…

When time cannot be set properly… or your slider jumps…

workaround #1 wait for the time to pass by… here I waited 7 minutes to catch the right moment,

In this case, I made the Weather settings window much wider too. When kept on normal size, I see steps of 10-15 minutes now. When I set it max width, the step reduces to 3-4 minutes. Issue is, the window also has a height. I can make the Weather window larger, to make the time slider larger, but then I don’t see the horizon anymore.

I did find one trick, that solves this, for a part.

Workaround #2 go General Settings, Accessibility and tell MSFS to reduce the interface scale to e.g. 30%

Now resume. Result will be a visible horizon… but I’ve really got to focus my eyes, to see the time… and it’s a 2 minutes step… I’d like that little minutes up/down control back… for the finishing touch…

I fully agree, I have the same problem when doing vids.
If I have to redo a vid capture for any reason I need to set exactly the same time.
Voted !

This is one of the completely incomprehensible changes in SU5. What reason could there be to remove these two buttons that never caused any problems? Is there actually a rule that requires you to remove everything that works from the software? I do not get it!

Please give us these buttons back!



Ahh we’re a minority I’m afraid… only 10 votes. Thanks for kicking it :wink:

(always used minutes buttons for nice sunset pictures ! color ! now… only way is to make a cup of tea… and wait for the right moment… )

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Unfortunately the cheats doesnt work well for life weather.

If you come into one of this magic moments you have it just for a few moments.

This was when I have used this buttons to catch the best moment of lighting.

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I have noticed that the former present time plus and minus buttons in the weather page are silently gone. In effect there only rough time setting by quarter hours or so is possible. Especially for screenshots and the so beloved msfs2020 pretty pictures it is necessary to adjust the time exact minute by minute.

When and why is this option erased from the sim?

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Try to set an exact time in the weather page.

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I have already answered to this question :interrobang:

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?

They were stolen (with a number of other things) during SU5

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I am shocked! Is already somebody trailing the thieves?

Microsoft Store version

This is not a bug but a request, Hope it is here where to place it

I would like to request to put back the + & - in the time section because in many situations you require the exact time for a picture or video. The exact time of the raise otr hide of the sun, the exact moment of a reflection, the second before the light turn on, etc. It is really difficult trying to set the time o’clcok or the second before you need to with the mouse.

If this needs to be moved to another section please do so. this site is kind of confusing too.


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I would like to extend this to all values in the world map flight planner.

Adjusting fuel load is an utter pain the bottom now.

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Several posts have been consolidated into this request to keep the discussion together. We are currently confirming this with a CM on whether this is a bug or design change.


Thx for the merge, @ThomasRalph5791, also nice to see that the votes were moved.

This time I truly hope its an bug :wink:.

But if its an design change nobody holds you back to change it again :innocent:.

Aehm, and thanks for have a look at it!

If its a design change then it seems to be a step backwards rather than an improvement so that would make it a very very poor design choice in my opinion. Its not hardware after all where there is a cost implication for extra buttons.

@sehnsedahamses @Acuario9383

I may have found a bug related to our wish… the minutes option was removed from the weather popup window, but it is still supposed to work ! There is a keyboard binding for it…


Very nice… but when I activate this setting, keyboard Alt-M will clear the minutes, instead of moving up or down :cat: it will put you back on the hour. When time is 19:08 and I press the key, clock will go to 19:00 :thinking:

Maybe I overlooked something ? Anyone cares to test it ?

Normally in Windows when you have a slider you can move it precisely by using left/right arrows on keyboard.
Shame on MS to not follow their own standards.


I did some tests, and yes it clears the minutes taking you back to the hour.
But I also discovered something else.
If you have a StreamDeck or any other way to send EventIDs to SimConnect,
using CLOCK_MINUTES_DEC and CLOCK_MINUTES_INC let you change minutes in +/- one by one.
Combination of slider move, reset hour to 0 and these events gives a minutes setting as before, even if its not as easy.
In addition I’ve seen all of these works even if the weather panel is closed !
So take care of where you put your fingers… :wink:

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Sometimes I really have to wonder what is behind some decisions. Like for whatever reason remove the ability to set the time using small - and + buttons next to the slider where you set the time.

Of course not super important in any way but I for one like to have the time match the real time looking at the minutes even when I often adjust the hours to get the time of day/night and lighting I like.

Now it’s very hard to get the minutes right when you only have the slider which moves the time very roughly. Trying to get the minutes where you want them is a real struggle.

So Asobo, for what reason did you remove the ability to set the time more precise and can you please add those - and + buttons back?


Is there a similar function for fuel and weight load?

(Interesting thought. What is the standard binding for an Xbox controller? Shoulder buttons increase/decrease values in a menu item?)

I don’t know, I will have a look when I can.
I know nothing about Xbox controller, I don’ have one. Try by yourself, if you work on a copy of your profile there is no risk.