Put back the minutes in weather time

Don’t have an Xbox controller either…I am just trying to figure out the logic behind the change…

I am guessing that it was done to make the UI more console friendly for those users not using a mouse and keyboard.

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Yep @blueline308, you’re guessing… as usual. Don’t make this topic into a XBOX versus PC thing please.

You can’t expect to do aviation without a keyboard. Every console user can connect a keyboard, so…

If you insist discussing general issues here… I think the issue is UI’s are designed without thinking about users. MSFS is not the only software having that issue. This is just a wish to correct a faulty decision…

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I don’t see why console users wouldn’t be able to still use the slider even if the plus and minus buttons would have been there.

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I agree, its a minor thing for most, but i was quite shocked that they were gone. The slider is horrible, no ability to set a specific time.
The decision to remove an accurate and helpful feature to leave a subpar solution makes no sense at all to me.

Please bring it back in SU6!


Software design and usability is an entire discipline in itself. (and not really a new one)

The thing is, this function was already part of the UI and it was removed at SU5/Xbox launch

Clearly they had a deadline to meet for Xbox launch and the nature of that launch will have lead to development and testing being somewhat console centric.

And this resulted in impacts to the PC platform. (This much has been admitted in the most recent Q&A)

So, while I hope this is something that they will fix for mouse+keys users and I’m sure it was an oversight at the time the context is important.

I could deal with the +/- buttons missing IF the mouse wheel would scroll through 1 minute increments when hovering over the slider. Vote here too!:

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Yeah,the slider is alright but sometimes it slides to fast where you can’t get the number you want.

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it’s definitely a setback, albeit petty, devs should really care more for the users not to lose the user friendly GUI entities as such.

just like the plus / minus minute buttons and external hangar view option missing since SU:5.

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I found a fun way around this. The current time of day is accessible via SimConnect. In an idle moment, I bound one of my rotaries on my Logitech radio panel to command the hours, and the minutes. I spent a few minutes rotating those dials to watch the sun move overhead. It was like that scene from the movie The Time Machine. :slight_smile:

ooh, what are the simconnect variables?

I don’t remember off the top of my head, and now that I think of it they may have been MSFS variables, but they were visible in SPAD, which is my interface of choice for that kind of thing.

When I get home I’ll have a look.

Hmm for programmer hobbyists click below…

ipc.writeStruct(0x0238, "6UB", lhour, lmin, t.sec, t.hour, t.min, t.day,
"2UW", t.yday, t.year, 0x0246, "1SW", minsdiff)

there’s an answer 2015 P3D SimConnect (it should be the basis that works) but I’m not sure if I understand it right… that is the code before they send it over… but maybe it gives a clue ? anyone wants to go test with VS2019 consider Nguyen’s FlightRecorder as a basis… It works with MSFS i can run it from VS debug mode ! (if I 'd have the time atm I’d test it… :wink: maybe in the coming holidays… )

SDK and vars are in the docs, can’t find writable time stuff…


Python: not tested recently, I can mension this one GitHub - hankhank10/MSFS2020-cockpit-companion: Web wrapper for reading and writing data from Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 … but I’m not sure these interfaces still work. SimConnect is on the way out, there were promises last year… but I don’t know how that worked out. LittleNavMap still works, so the basics are still in… for PC users, that is…

Any news? The missing buttons still prevent some of the most beautiful screenshots.

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Nope… there’s 62 votes now, but maybe the issue is not understood? They even had a screenshot challenge recently asking for alpenglow which is a sunset effect in the mountains. The red and orange glow in the mountains can only be made waiting for several minutes for the proper light to appear, instead of moving the slider or clicking +/- minute buttons, like we could before SU-5 !