Tip for resizing cockpit tooltips (and more.. how to make the UI smaller)

Kind of a nasty one for a lot of people atm… when you switch back to “Legacy” in Accessibility, you get giant tool tips. That can be solved.

In the Settings/General Accessability, you also have the Interface scale slider…

Just put that slider back to a point, you can still read the text… You can shift it back a lot, because the text is now XBox-style giant font everywhere !

You’ll get below view on Interface scale 52… I show the weather dialog, everything gets a bit smaller, tooltips, top bar and dialogs…

You’ll get below view on 41… now, it becomes difficult - for me, on a laptop - to read the text in the weather dialog, but on a large screen it must be readable. And the tooltips… become the old size. So if you really need these tooltips on the old size… use this workaround.


Another issue that may be solved with this… if I leave Accessibility / interface scaling on 41, the Aircraft screen looks like this :grin: 4 columns…


thanks. Good find. I’m using an ultrawide monitor so this will certainly work for me.

My pleasure :wink: The above trick also works handy for Content Manager… much better overview…

(I don’t run a giant screen here… I’ve a laptop… I think I’m going to leave interface scaling at… 47 or so)

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Outstanding knowledge sharing mate!!!

Gold star for you!

The pop out window (atc etc) was driving me bonkers!

Well done Arcane, thanks !

My pleasure…

Actually I found this when I was investigating something else… I needed a smaller Weather dialog :smirk_cat:

Thank you…gonna try that. I’m shocked they thought that was even acceptable…who wants to see that big blob on each control or knob? :crazy_face:

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Oops too late (everybody knows these tricks by now :kissing_cat: )

Remark about my tip: don’t put the percentage too low if you’re running a smaller screen. On my laptop, I was not able to close the Camera dialog at 35. Cross becomes too small.

Funny side effect at startup of a smaller setting, see below. I love them Rhino’s… :grin:

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