Can we please bring back the Audio Sliders in A310 EFB?

Apparently, these were removed because users complained they were confusing. I didn’t see any complaints about these. Regardless - can we please have them brought back - they were really convenient.

If they are confusing people, you could add some tooltips on the EFB page to help.

Yes it is very boring to always adjust the MSFS slider for only one plane. If I want to fly another plane I have to readjust this. Upvoted

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I totally agree with the petition, I think the sound sliders are very necessary since the sounds in general are quite noisy.


Same. I liked being able to control the outside engine noise separate from the interior. Now I can’t hear those things really spool up on the inside during takeoff.

I agree with you.
The windshield sound and hydronic sound in the cockpit are too loud compared to other aircraft (eg PMDG, FENIX ).
When flying in the vatsim, the vatsim sound must be raised too high.

Totally agree. This plane is way too noisy compared to the average. The FBW too has own volume control sliders and that’s good.

I just discovered this after an update, this plane is so loud compared to almost everything else and the volume sliders totally saved it, every plane should have its own volume controls i can’t believe they were removed.

They were excellent! Can’t believe people found them confusing??!!

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