Can we please have a T6 Harvard variant Asobo?

I am enjoying the new T6. It has some quirks, and somewhat questionable sound characteristics, but overall it is a fun aircraft and well done. Now, I am asking Asobo to use their work and do just a bit more development, and give us a Harvard too.

Some pointers…

  1. Harvards (both Mk2 and Mk4) typically had a longer exhaust running out from the engine, to the upper right wing just abeam of the pilot’s seat. The Texans have the short and stubby exhaust.

  2. Harvards (both Mk2 and Mk4) typically had a longer rearmost canopy (behind the rear seat) than the Texans. The basic shape may be seen on your “Gunslinger” model. That was a Harvard Mk 2 originally.

  3. “Gunslinger” also has the basic front instrument panel of the Mk2. It could be used almost as it is, with some modern accessories removed again. The Mk4 panel was different again from both Mk2 and Texans.

  4. If modeling a Mk2, you would need more window frames in the canopy. Look at a Mk2 from the side and you will see 8 panes of glass along the side (not counting the front windshield.) If modeling a Mk4, there are less panes of glass.

More work Asobo? of course. BUT the base work is there as a foundation from which to begin. There are probably a lot of people who would like to see a Harvard addon. It was used so widely all over the world.

A good source of info would be the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association at Tilsonburg, Ontario.

Hi @KJKerr,
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Thanks for the advice. Done!

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What’s a harvard?

The T6 Texan is known by that name in the USA. But the aircraft was called Harvard by most of the other allied nations around the world. The Harvard was manufactured under license in Canada, and had differences from the Texan. Globally it is probably better known than the Texan as it was flown by Canada, Britain, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Netherlands, Norway… and many more nations.

Here is an image of the changes that would be needed to adapt an existing Asobo T6 into the Harvard 2.

We can hope…


In addition the british Harvards had the Spitfire stick

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The Asobo’s “Gunslinger” has the Spitfire stick

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My Gotcha:
Reinstalled with no success and sent ticket to zendesk.

My father flew the Harvard II when at Medicine Hat in Canada (34 SFTS) 1943 and at Ternhill.