Can you do a Namc YS 11 turboprop airliner for a Japan local legend

I’m kind of wondering why this very historic aircraft was not a local legend for Japan when this was the aircraft before developing their commercial jetliner program



I’d love to see a Japanese local legend in general! Other ideas (not to detract from yours which I agree would be a great one) would be:

  • Kawasaki KH-4
  • Mitsubishi Mu-2
  • ShinMaywa US-2
  • Kawasaki P-1 (not quite Local Legend material though, it’s pretty new)
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If you got into American Eagle and Continental Express’s historic turboprops fleet list, the YS11a shows up in the old fleet lists for those operators so the YS11A did operate more internationally than just Japan

what? No A6M on that list?

Do you hear that? Thats the sound of my honor crying…


If those aircraft interest you, please create one Wishlist topic for each aircraft and tag it #aircraft. This topic is only for this one aircraft.

I would most certainly do that if I wanted to. I didn’t say “I want these instead.” I voted for the Namc, and my comment does not imply inclusion of those in my vote. I appreciate you preserving the purpose of this thread though.

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Oh I’d absolutely love to see it, I just don’t believe Asobo would ever do it.

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if they did, it would be Rated E for Everyone. Imperial Air Force pilot not included

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Also the only problem with zeros is being chased by two F14’s constantly in multiplayer

They already did that :upside_down_face:


Back on topic of the awesome Namac YS11A here are some photos of the incredible aircraft from some old US operators


Seems like a forgotten turboprop of Japan. Would be interestingly enough for someone to make a NAMC YS-11. I fell in love with the aircraft since this made me push to be a pilot. The first aircraft I flew since I was a kid. FSX has two. Made by Esa Kaihlanen / AFG as freeware and the other one was made by Aerosim, which is a payware. Nobody did an attempt after that.

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I’d love one too. Several were used when my father worked for Airborne Express.

Adding a pic for posterity :slight_smile:

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There was a really good fsx freeware model I flew as well back in FSX, I loved flying a lot of those awesome historical regional aircraft in that game

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It would actually fit in if they did that because the ATR is a high wing turbo prop aircraft and the NAMAC even though it is older would still be similar but a low wing large turboprop aircraft plus the over head is not that complicated to learn making easier to fly