Can you even load into JFK or Heathrow

Unfortunately it seems that if I try to load into JFK… the simulator starts loading then just grinds to a halt… playing music… telling me I can fly anywhere in the world…. But I can’t…. It just sits there and stares at me… teasing me with its little line at the bottom… begging me to stare at it for any movement… but it remains lifeless… and gives me time to reflect on the good ol days of SU4. :sob:

I just gave it a try, and it loaded into JFK just fine.
I run the sim with no mods/add-on’s. If you have ANY mods/add-on’s, you might try removing them and see if it loads fine, and then add them back in one at a time to see which one (or more) may be causing the issue.
I’ll look at anything else I can find to see if there’s something else that might be causing it.

Completely clean computer with only windows and ms2020…

No mods… no nothing

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I’m getting this but in the Charlotte area, I tried to remove some addon scenery I had and it eventually loaded last night but now here I am with the sim idling and the progress bar at 50% all over again.

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Just for kicks, before you click Fly Now, try turning off Multiplayer, Live Traffic, and even Live Weather. Just to see.


Im running a 1660 Ti and a 2700X and I get 50-60 fps in Manhattan with High settings (VSync on, clouds Ultra and cockpit displays maximum refreshrate) even in the TBM. That happens and then I get the typical CTD after a couple of seconds or minutes if im lucky. the performance boost is INSANE and when the CTDs are fixed the sim will be amazing (though needs a lot of work in certain parts)

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Yes… it loads with everything off… thank God for small favors!


So there’s clearly something with either your connection or the servers… I’ve found better success with keeping multi-player off… hope it helps, some.

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Yeah… I didn’t have multiplayer on… but I did have live weather and traffic

So I seem to have solved my freeze on loading a flight issue by disabling the rolling cache.

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I’ll take a look at that… thank you!

Certainly worth a try. Hope you have some success. I may try adding back in the scenery I removed now. Charlotte looks terrible without addons.

I had small play with the Heathrow issue.

I dont like the London PG look so I used to turn that off when I fly in that area.
(With the Orbx landmarks and the free river fix it looks pretty good)
But when I turned off PG after the SU5 and tried to start at Heathrow the progress bar froze like halfway in.
And when I turned off PG being at Heathrow the sim did CTD.

So def dont turn off PG there X)

And I should add that I got tons of add ons in community folder and I only had one CTD otherwise after installing SU5 which was after a warning about the service being unreachable :wink:

Blue skies!

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If I were an evil genius games Dev with a desire to retire early I would probably borrow GPU time from users here and there to mine a little bitcoin while they stare at their PC’s wondering why it takes so long to load or update.

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