Can you fix the chase camera to the plane so it stays fixed to the plane?

Currently, the chase cam bounces around to simulate a change of direction of the plane.
I would like to be able to view as if my cam was fixed to a pole extending back along the roll axis, and thus could follow the plane exactly though its moves.
I have managed to keep the cockpit view still, but still flummoxed on how to do same for chase.
Thanks for any assistance.


Bump! Anybody?

As you probably know, the camera options are easily accessed via the camera icon of the in-flight menu (at the top of the screen). The “chase” (aka external) camera follows the plane by default, and is oriented towards it. It seems to do what you want, except it does not roll with the plane. There are other options, but none of these seem to do what you want.

Your best bet is to modify the aircraft config files:

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Thanks bud. That looks like a solution - if a complicated one!! I will give it a go. Happy new year! :blush:

You could save a custom view and do the simple mod to move it outside the plane. It will stay with and bank with the plane.

Perfect solution ExtraPilot! Thank you.
I have set up the view so there is no shake at all, it follows the plane like its fixed!

Glad you got it sorted. Please mark my post as the solution, to help others in the future.

Unfortunately, the files are sometimes overwritten during the regular updates, so you may need to repeat the process if the view disappears. It would be so much better if this was one of the standard view options.

Thanks for the work around. I was able to get outside the aircraft and move about. However, there seems to be a limit on how far you can move in any one direction. For instance, I want to get quite a bit in back of the plane but movement stops at a point even though I’m holding the arrow down. Am I missing something?

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