Can you make waterplanes and other objects like boats and small drifting ice float on the water instead of staying at a fixed height

Recently I noticed the waterplane I landed with on a rather stormy sea, did not float on the water, but was ‘floating’ on a fixed height in the waves. Of course because of that, the plane was completely covered with the waves now and then.

Would it be possibe to let objects and planes really float ón the water and make them move up and down depending on the wave height?

I know: One user can ask more then a thousand devellopers can ever create… :wink:
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Just out of curiosity, when you switch to cockpit view, could you actually see the water coming over the windshield as well?

I did not check that, as far as I remember. I will try, but ofcourse you can too .
It probably will be visible.

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