Can you really Change the LOD Distance?

Hey, is changing LOD distance in the userconfig doing anything?
I read that it only works within the 200 Range.

So even if you set it to 500 LOD then you only got 200 cause its hardcoded.

The file must be set to read only after modification

I know but does it really change anything?

I used to set it to 600…
but I can’t see any changes.
I now use Google Maps…
The picture quality is much better than BING maps…
You can try and see

It does work. Here’s a comparison image I made with 2.0 (aka “200”) vs 4.0:


nice many thanks

i tested it and i have better LOD…

BUT the photogrammetry is gone in a photogrammetry city-All Settings are the same and Photogrammetry is set to on.

I reversed the terrain and object LOD back to 2 , and photogrammetry is there again. So Changing LOD and you loose BING High Quality.

Works fine for me. I have it set to 3/3 and PG cities are unaffected.

Now it works for me too, but still bad stutter from xbox downgrade when locking around with trackir

Looking around ? A fast moving camera kills your Fps anyway, because your GPU renders the world in front of you. If you suddenly turn, a completely different part has to be downloaded, textured and rendered.

The average GPU will always get performance issues with high LOD’s… my low end GPU goes 0.25 Fps when I put a LOD 9.000 scaling. Unusable. For some pictures I use 5.000 but underways, I have to set the rest in Low, else I cannot fly to the position I want to take my picture.

Should be able to be resolved in WU6 as they’ve added back the ability to cache out-of-view scenery, the way it used to be. :slight_smile:


TrackIR look around and camera movement was smooth as Butter bevor Sim5 …

Now it’s a stutter. No wonder with limited amount of RAM and V Ram

Lets hope i have lost my trust in them

Sorry but those pictures look like Sim City game. Not sure I like it.

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Probably true but I wouldn’t touch those files…
For some reason I have the feeling that altering this kind of files will increase the chance of CTD’s and other weird problems.

Don’t worry… with some people around here, so long as its not MS or Asobo, it must be better… even when it aint.


It does increase your chance of CTD if you do not have enough RAM.
Since only what you are seeing is cached now, if you pan the camera around you stress your RAM, and if you increase your LODs the RAM has to work even harder, so if you do not have enough memory it can crash the game.

I had issues with LOD400 in my old PC (8gb ram) but it works great in my new PC (32GbRam)

Does the sim again actually use more than 8GB of RAM then?

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Yes it does.

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