Can you set custom camera views with a different zoomlevel then 50?

Hello all,

I have a question about the zoomlevel and setting custom camera’s in the PMDG 737.

My zoomlevel always was 50, but I came to the conclusion that 70 is the more realistic option according to calculations.

So I set the zoomlevel to 70 in the general camera options. And I wanted to resave all my custom camera’s in the PMDG. But after saving, it just reverts to the old position. I just won’t let me do it.

Can I conclude that you cannot use a different zoomlevel then 50 in the PMDG? Or am I doing something wrong?

Also it is a very strange bug. Because if I go to the side with my view, it lets me save the view. But if I zoom out it won’t save, and therefore zoom level 70 does not work for me.

If somebody can help me, or has some information on this topic, please let me know.



Maybe you can go to the side and zoom out, then save it.
After that go back to the other side and save.

Thanks for the idea, but that did not work.

Yes you can. I use zoom 70 in cockpit. Sit on the cockpit, open the camera settings from the icon on top of the screen, and move the zoom slider to 70, position the camera with the mouse to wherever you want it, and then save it. It always worked for me. Funny thing is once you have your camera saved at 70 zoom level, if you open the camera settings it will show 50 again, as if 50 were the default saved camera zoom, not the real zoom you’re using. Hope I was clear enough.

You could also read this:

Yeah, this is no good, easy and workable solution. It still has to be implemented is the real answer. Thanks for the information and ideas though. Greetings, Boudewijn

Zoom is relative to the starting position of the camera before you zoom. Just using the standard zoom mode wheel or controller bind and saving a control alt custom view holds the zoom.

Is this for VR or something? I usually put my ‘head’ exactly where the pilot’s head would be then adjust for a natural straight forward view and tweak slightly to maybe capture a little more of a row of buttons or more of the VSI if it should be in view. Turn back and see if the seat is at my back and my head is about right above the backrest and if the ‘copilot’ is visible what they look like sitting next to me. Being the scale of the aircraft are all fairly close I would doubt my net zoom would be way different for the entire fleet. Should look like I don’t have to put my arm out fully straight to rest my hand on dash pad on an Archer if I tried. But it always saves that view in custom.

Then I set slight popup/down look at instruments/zoom in hard on instruments you can’t see in default side/passenger views etc. Or nuance views like a custom #5 that shows a fuel selector system you can’t naturally see, or a peek over the top and straight forward for taxiing a WWII radial engine fighter. The standard views are often for computer monitors where the dev tried to get as much in as possible and are WAY off for trying to visually line up for a landing. But double clicking reset to custom view 1 usually toggles back to that, which on some simple planes is all you need for the panel, even if you’re looking down 15 degrees and ‘sitting’ 2’ off the back of the seat. I don’t know in VR if you get to start with anything BUT the default view.

I’ll have a natural horizon forward in flight view in say, a Beaver where you sit head high in the wing, then view 2 with a flip is slightly lower capturing the rest of the panel, still natural enough to fly in general cruise and can peek out the side windows easier. Toggle through the rest from there. One click to the left of default custom snap back view pops me up to the top of the dash looking forward for spotting over the cowl a little bit or taxi(the SOTP situational awareness view if you like-as you know where you are on the ground IRL).

But for sure on small aircraft or with tiny G3X’s stuck on the dash I have view 1 and the exact same view zoomed in on view 2. Large complex aircraft I’ll have 5 or 6 ‘im looking at it’ cockpit detail views/overheads in various zoom levels, rather than the silly instrument views. Never had one it would’t save. And STILL have zoom also bound to the top of the yoke, freelook hat, snap views and height up/down bumpers. It always lets me save whatever custom view/zoom was at the time I was looking at it.

Hello, no not for VR, but thanks for the information. Greetings, Boudewijn