Canary in the Volcano - Part Two

Flight Length: 230 nm; 2.5+ hours
Altitude: 6000 ft
Aircraft Type: Caravan or X-Cub recommended
Cruising Speed: ~120 kts
Time & Weather Setting: as requried
Multiplayer Settings: All Players
Date: Saturday, April 10th
Start Time: 18:00 ZULU
Voice Chat: “Event Flight” voice channel on the MSFS Bush Pilots Discord Server -

The second week of the Canary Islands vacation visits 3 more islands in the archipelago, from subtropical volcanic landscapes and forests to ancient deserts. It involves two long traversals between the islands, a few interesting approaches. This is going to be the longest leg in the series.

In-Flight Entertainment
During the island crossings, there will be opportunities to practice formation flying.
There will be short off-field landings along the way. We recommend turning crash damage OFF.

Recommended Addons
See the #addons channel on MSFS Bush Pilots Discord server for recommended planes, mods, liveries and tweaks. Even if you don’t use all of them, it’s practical to have these to see other planes properly.

Tenerife Norte Airport

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

We recommend NOT changing the spawn location before loading in, as it can possibly overwrite the flight plan, turning it into a straight DIRECT GPS flight, or the autopilot will not follow it. Leave the flight plan as is, spawn on the runway and park somewhere nearby until take-off.

final version coming soon