Canary Islands, Spain - color correction map

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I’m a huge fan of the Canary Islands and I love to fly there within MSFS. However, most of the islands (all of them) look way too green in comparison to real life. The islands are vulcanic, dark and very brown instead of green (almost a desert). Trees therefore are being generated on places where it really doesn’t make any sense. Additionally, grass is being added due to the ground being so green. Apart from that, elevation data is not always correct. I hope this can be part of a future Spain World Update or anything. I know there are (paid) products already available that will fix this, but I believe this should be updated in the Bing Maps data.

To give a nice comparison, I’ve found these videos on YouTube:

Check out Island Creations aerials. They also do some work with additional objects, ports, and DEM in their mods. Not cheap though.

You can get them via simmarket

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Yeah I’ve seen those. I think this shouldn’t be the fix to these kind of problems. If the Bing Maps data is accurate, there would not be a need for payware solutions in terms of aerial data. Island Creations as a company gets their aerials from somewhere, Bing should be able to get their hands on quality aerials as well. It would save me 80GB of space, since I would stream all data from Azure as well. That was one of the big benefits of MSFS.

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Agreed. That’s why I didn’t buy them in fact. In any case it’s 10-80GB per island. That’s a huge amount of data lying around on the hard drive. Well maybe, there’ll be a World Update Makronesia in a few years :wink:

What you can do is set up a filter you load before you fly the Canary islands that will filter out the exessive green. That will also affect the vegetation unfortunately.

Exactly. The color issues are present on so many different locations. With higher quality in terms of m per pixel the generated stuff will look so much better as well. A company like Microsoft should have that data available somewhere.

The same thing with 90% of Spain… I am traveling every year to Spain and the ground is like in the desert like in the video but in MSFS is disgusting green… We need a big update of map correction of Spain with Islands

- Photo on final rwy 18L at LEMD