Cancelling XBox Game Pass, how to buy FS2020?

So I know this has been covered before but there seems to be a lot of conflicting information. I’ve been relying on my Xbox game pass subscription to play FS2020. As I don’t play any other games I now want to cancel Game Pass and purchase FS2020.

I can either pay full price on Microsoft store or buy at a discount with my game pass subscription.

The information I would like to know is if I purchase (at a discount) while I still have my subscription. Then a week later cancel, would I still have full access to FS2020? I’m asking because some people say you only get the discount because you’ve subscribed to game pass. If this is the case why would anyone pay full price? It would work out cheaper to have a months subscription and then purchase at a discount.

This is what I did and had no problem whatsoever. In the store it now shows as “Digital Ownership”. Didn’t need to re-install or do anything different. It just worked, Game Pass ended normally. All-in-all a smooth experience.


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