Cannot access my account to log in to MSFS

I have been trying to log in to MSFS for the last two weeks. I am normally always logged in. When trying to open MSFS it asks for my username and password. When trying to log it it says my account is locked.

My backup email is an olde work email that is no longer valid. My mobile phone number is correct but it tells me this is not currently available.

I have tried the re-set process over several days but I dont have enough infor for them to re-set. I have the last four digits of the card I used to purchase but I dont know the expiry date of the old card.

I cannot see anyway of unlocking my account or speaking to someone. I cannot fly MSFS withouth the username and password.

I am pulling what little hair I have out!!

Can anyone give me any guidance?

Kind regards

Hi @Ruskill73 ,
The only suggestions I can provide are:

To contact the appropriate support team here - but it sounds like you have already done that.

and w.r.t.:

Could you not contact your bank & ask them for that information?

Maybe once you have that, you’ll be able to get your account unlocked.

Good luck!

Are you having issues logging into your Microsoft account for other services or just flight sim? If so you might want to see if you can contact a broader account support team.

I hate to say this, but if it was me, I would simply reinstall Windows and create a new Microsoft account, then repurchase and install the sim using the new account. It’s an added cost, but how much is your hair (and sanity) worth? :wink:

I’ve always been given great help from Microsoft by speaking to someone on the phone when issues like this arise. Have you tried that approach?

I have tried but as soon as you mention password re-set the call gets dropped and you are asked to fill out the online recovery forms which I have tried several time with no success

Out of curiosity are you talking to a person at this stage or are you still talking to computer systems that are trying to work out how to process your call?


Try to tell the computer systems something else, like help, need help, don’t understand and then you might get to talk to a real person.

Need help with billing is a personal favourite of mine.

There is no way to speak to Microsoft about password re-sets they will not speak to you the recovery process is automated

I would love to speak to a person, I have founf no wat to speak to a person or even you chat with an actual person

Microsoft have now said to me to create a new account, which is crazy. How do I transfer MSFS to a new account!? so frustrating. Have spend many hours trying to resolve this.

I feel your pain, I had the same problem just recently. I must have filled their stupid recovery form out 20 times with all the information I had. I gave up in the end and had to set up a new account and repurchase everything! I have now almost got back all of my purchases. Microsoft’s account recovery form is not fit for purpose and I actually think it is designed so that you fail on purpose. I was absolutely fuming. I even had a member of the escalation team try to phone me to find a resolution, but kept saying they couldn’t get through on the number I provided! If it wasn’t for msfs I would have boycotted Microsoft for life!

Have you tried starting the sim from the Xbox app on your PC?