Cannot adjust input sensitivity curves

Since the latest patch, I cannot adjust my input device’s sensitivity curves anymore. In the joystick settings, if I click the “Sensitivity” (not sure if it is called exactely this in the english version, I’m playing in german) button on the left side above the search panel, I just get an empty popup window. It was working before and in fact it seems to apply my previously set curves ingame. I just cannot adjust them anymore. Does anybody else have this issue?

Yes same issue.


Yes same here. Can not adjust sensitivity, UI says “done”. I’ve submitted a ticket to Zendesk.


Same here.


same issue here, my controls now too twitchy, need adjusting ! worked fine before patch


Also the same problem.


Ok, seems that multiple people have this issue. I have also submitted a ticket to Zendesk in the meantime.


Oh, and I also see that MS/Asobo are aware of the issue. It is listed under known issues!


the configuration file is located:
C: \ Users \ youruser \ AppData \ Local \ Packages \ Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe \ SystemAppData \ wgs
By opening the files with lots of numbers, with notepad, we find, and we can modify the data


Ah brilliant , thanks !!

Open wgs don´t help me.
The file from today is only a lot of gibberich in that file and no normal codes!
So I can´t see my settings or change them.

I did try to set my sensitivity today, therefore I think the file is corrupt!

Did find it in here:

Nice work around thanks game is unplayable since update due to this

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Same for me! I can’t change sensitivity for my G940.

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Is there another workaround for this? Originally the game is too sensitive in some planes, even after adjusting curves.

Is there another file where we can tweak numbers further?


It’s vital ASOBO issue an urgent patch to fix this. Simmers can’t fly properly with unadjusted control sensitivities.

Control is a major part of a flight sim!


Taking into account that the first patch after the release came weeks after, we might never see hotfixes, which is strange, since some of the issues are critical.

Right now they are in damage control mode. But I would love to see a hotfix for the sensitivity controls. Not only that, but a fix on the controls, because even with sensitivity curves some planes are just not flyable or very hard to land and take-off.

I can’t even update to see how things are because I work with my computer and I can’t have a full screen launcher on the background blasting my system for a few hours (everyone mentions a different update size).

Same here. Sensitivity gone. Who does the Quality Checks before launching these patches? I am sure not an AI…

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To be helpful:

Go to the path mentioned above, and you get something like:

Here I already highlighted the folders of interests. You will have to open all, then open the long name file with Notepad. If they are gibberish, close them.
When they are about your controller they will look obvious:
below is one of the profiles of my joystick: Easy to identify

in another folder, I have another profile for the same joystick:

As we can see, the sensitivities are near the top. Voila!

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I’ve been having this issue as well and I summited a ticket yesterday.

This is certainly frustrating. While I realize the intent of releasing patches is to support and improve the game, I really do hope they test the next patch more thoroughly before releasing it into the wild.

If you’re fixing some things at the cost of breaking other things, it turns into an exercise of frustration for the players.

Asobo, thank you for the hard work you put into the updates but please test them a little more thoroughly moving forward. :slight_smile: