Cannot click on instruments in cockpit

For some reason after I went back to cockpit view after being in external my mouse will no longer let me click on controls. If I hover over the control I get the hand symbol but nothing happens when I click it. This goes for all controls in all aircraft. I reset all mouse controls to default but did not help.

Do you fly multimonitor?
If so than use alt tab to select the main window, and your mouse should work as usual

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No multi monitor. When I go to Instrument 1 view buttons work but not in Pilot view.

Have u got a ir mouse or do you have one with a track ball inside?

I use a mouse


to me probably some installed WTT GNS530 conflict with something. Try for first only go to Main menu and start again new flight if this is only temp issue. If still doesn’t working, some 3-rd party problem no other way, you can maybe uninstall WTT GNS530 to see if this is your issue in this case.

I do understand you use a mouse for that is the problem what u described,
But what i asked is it working on ir infra red bluetooth or is it older wired with a track ball inside
You can see on the bottom

It is wired but is an optical mouse. Again it works just fine in the instrument view but not in pilot view.

Just trying to think out of the box here
Have you changed screen resolution either in nvidia or amd or desktop (maybe during driver install or something like that?

I appreciate the help,m It has something do with camera settings I am pretty sure. I was playing around with different camera settings and when I got back to pilot view could no longer click on controls, unless I go to instrument view.

Well I got it working. Something was being saved in my cloud and even though I did a full reinstall I finally searched and found this. It worked!!

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this is simply crazy in this sim. I had similar problem and it was only temp issue, other users with WTT GNS530 incompatibility, simply crazy here…

Sounds like a solution to me
Thanks for sharing never would have thought of this,

Happy landings