Cannot download and reinstall msfs2020

When purchase it was through Microsoft Store.
I had the C drive ssd fail so lost 2020 in the event. It was installed on a different drive but had lost the app data folder so went ahead and deleted the rest of the files so it would be a clean install. Since then have tried reinstalling it with no luck. It tells me that I own it but will not let me install it. When I go to Microsoft Store and look in library when I find it, it will tell me I can manage it but not install it. Also, if I do a search for the sim, install is greyed out. I click on the 3 dots and it says install on device but no device shows up. I am beside myself. I have had the program since 10/19/2020 and flown almost every day so miss it. Randy

I7 8700 processor , 32 gig of ram, 1080 TI video card. 750 watt pwr sup.

Hello @Fun2Fly618,

have you checked the troubleshooting guides on Zendesk? E.g.:

You could for example reset the installer.

Hope this helps.