Cannot end flight or use refueling stations

On launch day I was able to park my aircraft inside the blue box and turn engines off and the flight would end with a summary window. This no longer works for some reason

Also, I was able to park next to a refueling station and the refueling dialog would pop up. This now doesn’t work either.

Does anyone have any idea why both of these things would stop working? Did I maybe change a setting that is related to them?

Did you manage to get any more info about this? I’m noticing we can’t end flights in smaller airports. I’m using OnAir and when I land on an aistrip, I need to book a new flight to a major airport to be able to taxi to a parking spot and end the flight… annoying

I found it alwaysl ends for me when I turn off the avionics breaker.

Not working here (on small airfields). Im gonna file a bug report just to be shure

Were those times refuelling worked on Airports with ATC? Did you request Fuel, or just park next to the pumps? I wonder if they work when a fuel truck is also available - and that can take a long time to arrive, but you would know that because the tower notifies you.

I Had it work for me once today on a small un-towered municipal airport. I don’t recall exactly, but all I did was stop very near the pumps. I suspect that you have to get right up to them to activate, and of course stop moving. You don’t however need to shut down the engine or turn off the power. Flight safety is not a concern it seems.