Cannot get Saitek Pro Flight TPM Panel bindings to work

Hello fellow simmers,
Just got the Saitek Pro Flight TPM Panel today and built it into my cockpit.

I’ve installed the drivers for this panel (Pro_Flight_TPM_System_7_0_47_1_x64_Drivers.exe).
I am trying to bind functions to the T and M, this works sort of all right. The throttle seems to be vibrating when I look into the cockpit. Hopefully this is all right.
The nine switches give more issues. On the Honeycomb Bravo I was able to set the on and off position separately. This does not seem to be possible. I am trying f.ex. to bind the fuel pump, valve and parking brakes. I am able to bind a function f.ex toggle fuel pump, set fuel pump etc to switch 1: On Press. The swith ON position seems to toggle the pump on, but the OFF position keeps toggling the pump on and off.
Hopefully someone has configured this panel correctly and is able to help me out?

I would have thought the driver would already have events (MSFS or SimConnect) included for throtttle mixture and prop - if you bind other events that might explain why you see the throttt vibrating.

Are you using the in SIM Controls function to set up a profile and bindings for the other switches?

If you find the saitek standard driver doesn’t work well, try a replacement like which will allow you to fully configure.

I used “” to get this working correctly.

Yep. I used trial to test this and it is indeed more configurable. This would mean that I need to reconfigure my whole cockpit though.
I would hope that the logi driver would take care of their ‘own’ stuff.
Thanks for your reaction.