Cannot get the Rex Weather installer to work

I have been trying to install Rex weather but it has issues with Windows, I can’t seem to get the installer to work. That is not the main reason of the post. Is live weather good enough that this app is not really needed anymore. I liked what I saw in the product, so before I try to fix my issue wondered if it was worth it.

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Ok I thought that was non 3rd party support. Now I know

It used to be, but we started allowing them about six months ago in order to make the forums more flexible.

What’s your problem with our product?
Why not come to REX discord channel?

REX Beta Tester

The REX installers are just a mess. The developers will tell you it is a problem with Win11/OneDrive but it is just something they need to fix for the latest version of Win11 as others have done.

They fixed the installer for Accuseason but Weather and Textures are still busted. I stopped using them entirely until the installers get fixed.

Pretty ridiculous actually. I tried Discord several times and kept getting told it was a Win11 problem — which it is not — and lost my patience.


I will look for the discord cannel. It is the installer am having trouble with. Requires bootstrap which I know what that is.