Cannot hear ATC instructions and other aircraft suddenly while AI copilot still responds

In my Dolby Atmos setup guide that I posted here: Dolby Access app - Dolby Atmos for (Headphones | home theater) - Active Spatial Sound = On
I said:

If you don’t have Dolby Atmos setup or if Windows loses the Dolby Atmos settings then as soon as you turn on ACTIVE SPATIAL SOUND then the background music disappears as Microsoft Flight Simulator is trying to play the background music in a channel which simply doesn’t exist. For example most normal speakers or headphones are a standard 2 channel which is left and right but in a 5.1 channel setup you have:
1 & 2. Left & right speakers
3. Center speaker
4 & 5. Left & right surround speakers
.1 Subwoofer
the background music is playing in a channel that isn’t the left or right speakers. Same for ATC.