Cannot Locate My Usercfg.opt File

Agree with everything you said about Everything :grin:. It was a revelation when I first used it like a year ago. Complete search results across your computer essentially instantaneously: I just love it!


How big is the database for you? It will vary from machine to machine of course, just wanted an impression of it’s size.

Actually there is an answer to that in the FAQ:

117 MB 3,104,972 Files & folders across about 3 TB on 5TB of drive space

(Corrected, 3 million, not 2 million !! )

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I’ll have to try ‘Everything’.
I use Agent Ransack, which is way faster than Windows Find, but not instantaneous.
I assume ‘Everything’ takes a while to index all your files, but once that’s done it updates the database almost transparently.

I’d love to be able to turn Windows Indexing off. Will ‘Everything’ still work if you turn indexing off for individual drives?

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It has been so long that I cannot recall if it took a significant amount of time on the first scan. According to the developer, scanning a PC with 1 000 000 files should take a minute or so. My computer has 5 drives as follows:

  • System drive 500GB NVMe
  • Data drive: 1TB SSD
  • Video editing drive: 250GB SSD
  • Longer term data drive: 2TB SSD
  • NVMe principally for MSFS: 2TB

So overall 5.75TB with > 1 million files. When I open Everything it takes about 5 sec to update and show all objects. However, you can start typing in part of the file name immediately and by the time you have typed a few letters the results will already be showing up.

I have not tried turning indexing off, but seeing as Everything uses its own database I suspect it does not care if Windows Explorer indexing is on or off

Thanks. I put it on my laptop, and indexing was really fast.
I’m going to turn off Windows Indexing and see what happens.


Man thank you. I have been searching for the user config.opt file for days, cuz I wanted to disable FilmGrain for better clouds. I just couldn’t find it but at the end with Anywhere I found it in some random place in msfs directory. Thank you.

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I’ve had Windows indexing off for years. It basically was just another background task grinding away sucking up whatever data it could find for god knows what purpose. Possibly to help me find cat videos easier or worst yet AI feed?

Keep in mind this is different from file indexing which is a good thing to have on.