Cannot See Other Traffic in the Air

I’m currently enroute from KSFO to KDFW and I’m noticing something peculiar.

I cannot see traffic that ATC calls out for me. The traffic will inform ATC that they see me, but I cannot spot them at all. Even if I choose the external view, I still see nothing else in the sky.

This is not alway the case for me, but on this flight it seems that all three instances have resulted in me seeing nothing else in the sky. It’s a essentially a cloudless sky with endless visibility here at FL330.

I’ve tried to search for similar posts unsuccessfully.

Does anyone else ever notice this issue? If so, any ideas what this is?

For the most part, I’ve always been able to see the traffic when I get those advisories. But frequently, the warning comes too late, and the traffic is well beyond the callout direction, so I often have to scan in a little different area than what they said, e.g. if they say “3 o’clock”, if I haven’t already seen it coming, by the time they call out the traffic, it will be closer to 5-6 O’clock (depending on what direction they’re going).
I’ll update with my applicable settings when I’m in the sim.

Yes, I’ve certainly encountered what you’ve described, but this really seems like the aircraft they are asking me to identify is either not actually anywhere near me or the physical model isn’t being rendered and is invisible.

Sorry I don’t have a fix but I suggest maybe trying AIG.

Sky’s and ground filled with traffic.

Right, but I’m currently on Xbox. Plus, isn’t AIG curing no traffic?

In this case, ATC is saying there is traffic, but it seems invisible to me.

I just did a similar flight today, before this one — KSFO to KPHX — and I was able to see the traffic every time, so I know it’s something that has definitely worked for me as recently as a couple of hours ago.

Sometimes traffic is hard to see in the daylight. Position/Recognition lights aren’t as visible from some aspect angles. I find the position lights - the first thing you’ll see is the Red and maybe the Green if the contact is closing on you. Then once very closer, what really is visible is the Red pulsing beacon atop the vertical stabilizer.

Contrails help, but outside of 4 NM you’re not going to be able to cue visually without assistance from an external Moving Map like Little Nav Map (which is pulling data from the sim in real-time). LNM would be able to give you a a true clock reference.

The traffic is there, honestly - for both Live and Offline AI. I’ve confirmed that many times both through LNM and then eventually some pass within Mark I Mod 0 Eyeball range.

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Thanks for this. I’m pretty quick to assume pilot error on issues like this.

No sooner had I typed the previous post did I get called on to ID traffic and there it was.

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Are they working now? AI nav lights stopped working a few releases ago and I’ve used a community folder workaround ever since.

Yep working again after SU6 HF2.

See this screenshot, zoom in to see the other plane

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