Cant access activities or flights

I re installed f2020 after updating computer hardware and now i cant access flight activitites or landing challneges, where i was able prior to upgrading my computer. Please help.

Lots of threads on this, but since you say you re-installed the sim, check Content Manager - you likely need to download the Bush Trips and the Landing Challenges.

Thanks Casual click, how do i install those specific activities in content manager?


Follow the instructions in this Zendesk Knowledgebase Article.When you scroll through the catalog - you will see individual listings for Bush Trips and Landing Challenges. Download the ones you want.

In the screenshots below - you can see I have some of the Bush Trips installed, but none of the Landing Challenges. You’re looking for entries like the Landing Challenges where it says “Download Available.”

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On the home screen, go to the profile page, then select content manager. Tick the boxes of content you want to download.

Perfect. All good.