Can't adjust seat height

For some reason (probably user error I guess), the usual “press ‘Space’ to rise seat height” does not work. Any idea why this is? I already checked the button mappings but they haven’t changed.

Under “Cockpit Camera” in the controls are entries: “Increase seat Height” and “Decrease seat height” or something similar. That works for me and I map it to a control on my hardware.

As an aside, I was able to move in and out of the cockpit using the arrow keys, but now don’t seem to be able to do that. Is that under Cockpit camera too? Haven’t got the sim running atm to try it out.

Sorry, no need to reply. Solved by another thread which I missed, duh.

I would be worthwhile setting another key to the “Set Cockpit Upper” command, and see if that works.

This would give a clue as to whether it’s a problem with the button mapping, or with the basic sim.

I presume you don’t have a problem with other keyboard commands?

Often the key commands are duplicated.
Check to see if another command is assigned to that keypress as it could be interfering with it.

I already tried that and it didn’t work, so it seems like the problem is with this command. I don’t have any problems with other commands though so it is weird to say the least.

That worked! Thanks a lot! It seems like the “Cockpit upper” command is just broken for me, but with this workaround I was able to achieve the same result, so as long as this keeps working I’m happy :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Good to know.

The one most advantageous factor of Virtual Reality is,

Once you’ve set the centered seated position, you move your head around to get the required view.
If you find you are too low or too high, reset the centered position.

The absolute NUMBER ONE advantage of VR is on approach to the runway.
You simply straighten you spine to lift your head to see over the glare screen, like you would in a real airplane. No fiddling around with the mouse to raise the pilot’s viewpoint.

Roll on the 23rd December for HP Reverb G2 functionality. :grin:

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