Cant change weather

When ever I try to change the weather or time it does it for a split second and goes back to what it was before, it’s really annoying

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Make sure you are not playing in ‘live’ mode. This locks weather and time to that of your current flying location

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I can’t change it to anything without it going back to what is was


What multiplayer options are you flying on? Off/Group, Live or All?
If this is happening when in any other setting than ‘Live’, we have to investigate further

It happens in all modes

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My mode is stuck on all players my time is stuck at 20:33 on the 27th and it’s live weather from that time, I can’t change any of it it just keeps going back to that, I’ve tried turning off multiplayer but that doesn’t work


I am also having the same issues. I cannot adjust and settings as they revert back to the wrong live time and weather for area

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Oh does it, never knew that, my weather is greyed out now and i cant change it… This must be a new thing with the update or ive just not noticed it before. just changed to all players now, and problem is fixed… Just one question, whats the difference between live players and all players, dont get that bit

Good that it is fixed! Another hing I just noticed is that in the weather menu while flying there are 2 sliders that say live. If you turn those off you can edit time as well

LIVE players locks settings to live time and live weather so everyone is on the same settings. ALL players show everyone that is flying with online settings, and include players that are on different weather or time

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Hotfix inbound!

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I just wanted to say that I have a very similar issue on Xbox where I can chabge time and weather but it reverts to live time and weather within a few secs and then it shows the little “live” icon and the live time and weather toggles as active and greyed out (disabled). It worked fine yesterday, today I playy some multiplayer (with live time and weather) with a friend and after that, the issue started happening when setting up my next (solo) flight. When changing the wearher while in flight, the same thing happens btw.

Though, for me, changing to “All players” didn’t fix it. I tried all kinds of combinations of the settings on the left hand side. I tried resetting all settings to defaults, disabling live weather and multiplayer in the settings, clearing the “reserved data”, restarting the game, rebooting my console, hard reboot of my console, sign out of account and back in, etc. etc.

But so far no luck.

@AwesomeBlack533 Will using that mod, after the hotfix, likely fix this issue? I play without any mods at the moment.

I have the same issue since I played with a friend in a MP group (I believe). The Time and Date is set back to 28th 18:33 UTC everytime I change anything on this settings. I’m unable to change the date and time and also turn on Live Weather and Time switches back to that time 1-2 seconds later. I have restarted the game and console many times now, but with no change. This above date/tiem is now fix and we cant change it.

This game is completly broken so, if we can’t change the Time and Date anymore!!! PLEASE HELP!


Changing this sliders do not work as they get reset also after a short time. Also this issue is NOT fixed by setting to Live Players here. It still resets back to 28th 18:33 UTC all the time. I tried all and everything to find a solution but no success.

I am glad that I’m not alone with this problem.

It’s kind of sad that I can basically only fly over my own region in daylight in weekends or when I have a day off :joy:
(Because in my case it reverts to actual live time, for weather is harder to know if that’s the case)

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Same issue for me.

Joined a group last night, tried to setup a flight today and it still says I’m in a group. Unable to change any flight conditions, time is greyed out etc…

I’ve spoken to my friend who created the group and he’s is not showing that he is in a group. Mine shows that I’m in a group, no option to leave the group and cant change any flight options.

As I can’t setup the weather etc, I can’t set any other options for live players etc…

Bloody annoyed if I’m honest that a bug like this exists

Here it doesn’t show anywhere that I am in a group and the time/weather options are not greyed out but every change is reversed automatically within seconds.

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Same sort of issue. I’m stuck on group only with live traffic and the live time is 1 hour behind the actual time which I think stops me changing settings. Everytime I select all players or live players it reverts back. Same with air traffic and weather. I’m losing my rag here.
Glad it’s been mentioned by others and not just me.


Did you all realize that this bug also has hidden the pause button from the toolbar? As long this bug isn’t fixed, we are not anymore able to use the pause function at all! Very disappointing.


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Yes, i have the same problem. Please MS do something.

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Thats excatly the same problem what i got. I have already deinstall the game but still doesnt work. Im very angry about this issue

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