Can't click menu items

Anyone have the issue where clicking on things in the msfs VR menu does nothing? I can see the cursor, and it highlights the box that I move it over, but when click on the item nothing happens. I can highlight the World menu and then hit enter to go in, but when I left click I get the grab icon and can only pan and spin the globe. It’s probably just my mouse being on the wrong window but I am so new to VR I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. Just got the reverb yesterday and it worked fine all day but when I turn on the pc today and try it… the mouse issue. It is also automatically putting me into VR mode when I start the program today and I dont remember that happening yesterday either.
Strange thing is, when I hit escape and it brings up the “Do you want to quit?” popup menu, the mouse works fine on that.

Same problem for me. In VR mode I can move the cursor but no clicking possible. Enter Key can work but I cannot select a Gate or a Runway for my departure. So unable so use VR as I can’t start a flight !. Mouse is a wireless Logitech G602 but the mouse is not the cause as the trackpad from my laptop (Asus Zephyrus G15) does not recognises the click…
Any help from Microsoft or Asobo (merci les gars et bravo sinon pour ce superbe jeu, si il n’y avait pas ces bugs !) ?

AfootBrush61019, I have got mine to work by unplugging the power from my VR headset (Reverb G2), then starting MSFS, then once I am at least in the menus I can plug the power back into the headset and everything works. Not a solution, just a workaround.

I have a quest 2 using virtual desktop. I will try to prepare a flight as you said and start the connection after or use the cable to try if its different.

did u get it to work yet? I am still experiencing this problem

Did you try to start the simulator THEN start your headset? That is what fixed it for me.

Yeah I have tried that, doesn’t work. Having said that, it is not fixed officially? And what headset u r talking about. I use WMR headset

I’m using a Reverb G2… I start the game normally, get the plane set up, then plug the little power cord for the G2 in, it fires up and launches the WMR portal. Then i just click on the MSFS window to bring it to the front (I have to wait a few seconds for the WMR portal window to go behind the MSFS window) and hit my hotkey to switch MSFS from desktop mode to VR mode and presto I am in VR in MSFS…

okay nice. I have an acer WMR headset, it doesnt have a power cable separately, only an hdmi and one usb. will try with that.

Same for me, this is the first reference that I have found online about it. Or they are buried under cockpit mouse click problems.

I can usually exit out of MSFS and restart the sim will clear the issue for me but sometimes I have to reboot my PC to get it to work.

Sorry to say this…but I am glad to know that it is not just me, lol.

I don’t have this issue anymore… Ive just been starting the sim, then powering up the G2 while its facing away from the pc. If I do this then the WMR portal doesnt open but I can put on the headset and put MSFS into VR mode and it turns on just fine. I think the portal is the issue.

I use VoiceAttack for many simulator actions (like switching between 2D and VR, resetting the pilot’s position, calling the menu etc.) as well as cockpit operations (gear, flaps, lights etc.). Consequently, I hardly ever need to fiddle with the mouse.

Hi, has anyone come up with a solution to this issue? I just going through the training and since the latest update I’m unable to click anything in the menus in the cockpit in VR mode, I can highlight but nothing is responding to mouse clicks.

I’ve tried some of the suggestions here but they don’t work :frowning:

BTW. this is with the Quest 2 headset.


Indeed, I have the same problem that the mouse does not work on the menus in VR. I also have an issue that the controls/buttons on my throttle/yolk no longer work in VR. Worked perfect before the update and works fine in non-VR mode.

Yeah, it’s looking like the latest update has broken the menus in VR then :frowning:

Cant use any menus once in the aircraft in VR after latest update. Absolutely awful.

Found a solution in another post Please release a VR hotfix ASAP - #4 by Cessna172CGMAL

Hope this helps.

Cntrl + 0 while in VR

just until a hot fix.

Is that the 0 on the num pad, or the one on the std keyboard. I got ctd when I tried the former.

doesn’t matter.