Can't connect the jetway, "please retry later"

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Brief description of the issue:
When asking ATC to connect the jetway, it says “we can’t connect the jetway to the aircraft, please retry later.” Tried with 787 and 747, several airports and gates (Miami, Atlanta, Rome, Paris), before departure and after arrival.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
The simplest way is to start at the gate - the aircraft is perfectly aligned.
Start APU (or “before engine start” checklist).
Contact ATC / ground services / connect jetway.
The answer is always “can’t connect the jetway, try again later.”

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:
Since update 6 (didn’t try on 5, took a break), last few days (Sept.).

(Playing on Xbox Series X)

This has been a problem for me for quite some time and goes well into update 5. Tried again last week and failed everytime. I thought that maybe it’s the tug truck that obstructs the jetways but not in your situation pictured above. This is probably the only thing I can’t interact with when dealing with ATC.

This has been one of my long-standing gripes. My usual flight is to spawn on a runway at the departure airport, load a flight plan via Simbrief (E.g., not from the game’s world map), then fly. When I eventually land, ATC Ground never offers the option to taxi to a gate. When I just pick one and taxi to it anyway, I get the same message that the jetway can’t be connected. Similarly, if I ask for Ground Power, Baggage, Fuel or Catering, I get messages that those services are unavailable too. HOWEVER, for those other services, the ground power unit, baggage carts, catering truck, etc. all immediately spawn on the ramp and a subsequent request will invariably work. But requesting the jetway never works.

However, if I contact the arrival airport in flight and request a full-stop landing, I usually get taxi instructions and the ability to connect a jetway. But only if I contact Arrival and request a landing.

It seems to me, in order to support people who prefer to do their flight planning outside the sim, the code should simply “presume” you intended to land that airliner at the airport you did, and then allow the jetway anyway whether you requesting landing permission through the ATC ahead of time or not.

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Turn off AI Copilot ATC from the top arrow menu

Thanks for the replies. IDK what Simbrief is, I don’t use anything 3rd party, and all AI assists are off including ATC.

UPDATE though: In some cases the jetway does connect. I managed to do it with A320 in Chicago O’Hare, and with the 787 in Seattle Tacoma - a HEAVY gate, and another heavy gate somewhere. At first I thought it might have something to do with an unmatching gate “size” (not an issue previously), so I landed a 787 in JFK and had ATC assign a gate to me ad-hoc, which was C 37 - HEAVY. The jetway again didn’t connect.
So yeah, it’s still a bug apparently.

One thing I’ve had moderate success with is pushing back a little bit and then trying. Last night however was the first time that this didn’t work. Seems like it could be a positioning thing…