Can't create an Overcast weather environment

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I’m testing MSFS using VR. I fly around the Seattle area. I tried to do an IFR flight from KSHN to KTIW. I set the overcast base at 500’ AGL and top at 2000’ AGL. I’ve tried this a few times and I never get any overcast at the altitude. I’m using custom weather and have turned off live weather. Has anyone experienced anything like this. Perhaps I’m setting the weather wrong? I appreciate any feedback.

I’m currently using an Oculus Quest 2 connected by link cable.


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32gb memory
RTX 2080Ti

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Do you mean like these:

try turning on Multiplayer and Live weather and restart and try again. You can edit the weather as well from the top menu when running the sim, and see if you cant get it working from there.

Try setting to one of the cloudy scenarios and then bring the dropdown weather menu up and start editing fields until you get what your looking for…

The above BTW are live weather but I can reproduce the weather effects manually as well.

This in on my i7-7 1080ti with 16 gigs of ram.

That’s more visibility than overcast. I tried a bunch of settings and could not get an overcast. If I set the minimums at 500’ AGL and tops at 3000’ AGL it looks like a hazy day. My cloud settings are on Ultra. It’s really frustrating. Just like the good ol’ days trying to get FS2004 and FSX overcast.

Tops at 3000ft is way too little without the sun shining through and creating a haze effect.
Try 20-25000ft. That a realistic nimbostratus layer and creates are pretty realistic overcast.

But be careful when creating a thicker level!
Just discovered that if the tops are at 60000ft and the coverage 100%, the climb performance drops by ~500ft/min.
That’s being 1000ft below the cloud base with unlimited viz and at ISA conditions…

Anybody able to confirm this wild bug?

I’m beginning to see now that I didn’t understand the weather engine. Increasing the tops helped quite a bit. Now it seems a tad more exciting. Thanks for the input.

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This might be closer to what you’re looking for:

It’s multiple cloudbases. Beyond that I really can’t say as this is a payware third-party preset but seems fairly overcast to me. However the settings use base game weather generation, no add-ons.