Can't find PC parts, graphics cards, CPUs?

Just thought I’d share this as it really helped me. Flight Simulator has finally provoked me to build a new PC to replace my antiquated i7-970 and R9 390 rig, which is still using the same case and PSU that was originally built for a Core2 Q6600 back in '07. However, finding the latest GPUs and AMD CPUs is incredibly tough right now. There are some live streams going that are doing constant part in-stock/availability checking. An audio alert sounds when something becomes available, and the guy running the stream gets on and talks people through the process.

It took me several days of monitoring the live feed and a few failed attempts, but I was able to snag a Ryzen 5900x through Amazon and an RTX 3090 through New Egg. It requires patience and may be frustrating at first, but if you keep trying, you’ll definitely be able to get something. Finding exactly what you want might be a challenge for quite awhile, especially if you’re looking for an RTX 3080 and the 5950x, which seem to be the hardest to get.

Watch the chats too. There’s quite a bit of noise, but the people are generally helpful, sharing links to available products and info on what’s currently happening.

Some tips:

  • Setup your accounts with shipping and payment methods in advance to speed through check-out
  • Keep the product listing pages open in tabs in your browser. The links are below tthe live stream feeds.
  • If you get an error message, keep trying until the Buy button goes away.
  • Keep the feeds going all day and with the audio on, if you can.

RTX 3000 series GPU feed:

AMD CPU feed:

When I got my FE and my Corsair SF750 (harder to find than the 30 series and Zen 3 imo) I used a discord server by Average Tech Reviews. I find that this works super well becuase users share tricks on how to buy during the drops and I’d very much recommend joining.

I’m not sure if I can share the link, but it’s pretty easy to find (vanity url is “atr” so you can probably guess the link)

If you check Jayz Two Cents videos on YouTube, he references or is partially sponsored by a retail/mail order store company, he recommends. I checked into them, and they seem to be good, stand behind their products, and will help you find and configure the correct components to build your system. If in Europe, sure there are quality distributors who can help you.
Now personally, I am waiting for several reasons mentioned below:

  1. Don’t like AMD anything, why, they farm out all production/manufacturer to third party, so have no control over in errata’s which are found in their hardware, so lots of production bugs get through long before they figure it out, and fixes are implemented. IMHO.
  2. Intel has their own production/manufacturer facilities, they find and fix errata real time, and I personally believe they make a better product, but IMHO again.
  3. With COVID affecting almost every facet of business around the world, production is sporadic in almost every venue, especially computer components. Governments have shut down, various business as “non essential” (well except themselves-no government employees have not gotten paid for example) so all types of stuff is backordered and in very short supply. Hope the food chain is not the next chain to break.
  4. Holidays, are only compounding the problem, and it should be better mid-late January 2021.
  5. So, not saying you will, but the possibility of second’s, bad parts, counterfeit parts (or defective returned parts-put right back on the shelf) right now is a possibility in the channel, and I would wait till later on into January or longer and see how things look then.
  6. The simulator has a fairly long way to go before it’s mature enough and can utilize the high powered hardware components just now hitting channel. And prices will only drop down the road.
    I have some idea’s on this as was in PC industry for close to 30 years, and saw many ups and downs, and weathered those fine. Patience is now a virtue in this venue.
    Several things make up a good PC in today’s world.
  7. Power Supply, buy the best, and go beyond the calculated power requirements by at least 50-100 watts so you have overhead for updated drivers of components which turn on or enhance high end products down the road.
  8. Buy and install the fastest memory, made, and at least 32GB’s minimum, 64GB might be overkill unless you edit/compile complex video or super large financial information. Somewhere in the middle of those numbers might be overhead (room to grow) currently running 32GB and have never used it up.
  9. If water cooling (not expert at all-IMHO) investigate every option possible, the best is always the cheapest down the road.
  10. Get system case, which is large enough for good cable management and ease of construction and modification. Good quality enclosures will cost you but miles ahead of game when time to build and or modify.
  11. Make sure, you totally understand all the various pieces and parts for assembly, "don’t learn when installing Graphics Card, oh ■■■■ it won’t go in there, or the PS does not have enough power to run the thing.
    Now those are my tips, and sorta thinking of building one next year, not sure I want to spend the money as it’s impossible to chase Moore’s law and win. I thought I had gotten close with this unit, realizing later, the configuration was not going to be available in the USA for the processor I wanted in here. I had to settle for lesser model, come to find out MSFS has changed the low/middle/high end specifications, and instead of being close to high, sorta in the middle now. It runs, fine, but if the game evolves as predicted, in 12-16 months will have been eclipsed I think.